Entrevista al Dr Bosch en el SeaSpine EMEA Newsletter

After a successful surgery, we took the opportunity to interview Dr. Bosch:

As the first Regatta user in EMEA, could you tell us your experience with the lateral interbody device?
I have been using the lateral approach for two years using different systems. So far, I have been using this technique to treat adjacent syndromes to previous fusion or for adult degenerative scoliosis. Usually, I combine the lateral cage with a posterior MIS pedicle screw fixation to perfectly stabilize the construct.

When it comes to spine surgery, why do you prefer the lateral approach?
Personally, I consider that I should have implanted the cage within 30 minutes to avoid a long retraction time on the soft tissues which may have side effects for the patient. Therefore, I am really looking for a safe and straight forward access to the disc so I can focus my time on the discectomy to properly implant the cage.

Why did you choose the Regatta lateral system?
The principal reason is the instrumentation. Using the Regatta instruments make the surgical flow easy and the preparation instruments have been facilitating the access accordingly. This is key for me. On the implant side, I pay attention to the large graft area which helps to promote the fusion. The NanoMetalene® material offers the benefices of titanium as well, to attract cells whilst the modulus of elasticity remains flexible to better compress the graft material.

How do you foresee the evolution of your practices?
Having a reliable instrumentation to perform the lateral approach, I am willing to reduce the use of posterior cages and propose more lateral cages to patients suffering from degenerative conditions. Prótesis discal